Thursday, December 12, 2013

Final Critique

In this post I critique 10 pictures of classmates that are also taking the ART247 class this semester.


This picture was taken by Riley Boyd. I like this picture a lot because it has some very interesting forms and colors in there. The first things to draw my attention was on the one hand the bright stone in the right corner and the orange point that is surrounded by white bubbles. I also think that the aperture is not bad but could be higher for this picture. I was especially suprised as I saw that this picture was taken with a phone. It would be intersting to know what ISO the phone used here but I guess it was maybe ISO 200. The shutterspeed was pretty much perfect I would say as the picture would not look the same by the time the water gets blurry.


This Pictures was also taken by Riley Boyd. This picture is interesting because there is snow on leaves that are still turning color in the fall. I like the picture because the red berries drew my attention immediatley but then the leaves that attach to them also lead your eyes to different corners of the picture. The snow might look even greater if there would have been an overexposure of like 2/3 or 1 fstops. I think the aperture of 3.5 is good because it is better to keep the background blurry for this picture. I like that the berries are not in the center but kind of follow the rule of thirds which makes this picture a lot more interesting for me.


This picture was taken by BrieAnna Geck. I like it because there is not the typical view of a river , since there are all of those interesting bright stones in the left sorner. ISO 100 and f13 are a good choice here as it seems like it was a bright summer day. Although the aperture maybe could be even higher and the shutter speed a bit slower instead.  I was wondering if there was a filter used for the picture of if the blue of the sky was maybe edited afterwards. I think the lines between the stones and the river and the river and the landscape in the background are really interesting. The only thing that I might have cropped out is the yellow tree or bush on the left edge because I think it disturbs the picture a bit.


This picture was taken by Nancy Robinson. The picture gives a really nice view of that lake but also looks a bit scary as it could be in a scene of a horror movie. The fog that is all around was captured really good as it still seems to be slowly moving. I like that the picture is in black and white and that there is this boat sitting on the left side. I also like that everything is sharp but looks a bite blurry because of the fog at the same time. The shutter speed of 4 sec was perfect for this picture. I think that the white line between the water and the trees draws a lot attention in the picture as well as the boat that kind of leads you into the picture.


This picture was also taken by Nancy Robinson. I especially like the bright pink colors of the leaves in that picture even if they seem kind of unnatural for a tree. I like that the branches lead to different edges of the picture and that they end and give a little bit of almost empty space on the right side. The ISO of 400 seems almost too high for me but I can't tell if it was really this dark on this day. The shutter speed of !/320 is extremly high if it was a day without wind so it might have been better to use a lower shutter speed and a lower ISO. The aperture of 5.6 is really good, but it might be better to try to get the few leaves in the lower left corner in focus too. But I like that the background is blurry so that the attention only goes to the main subject.


This picture was taken by Kacie Stone. I like it because the leaves seem to work as curtain that is almost opening the view on the background which looks really interesting with that bright blue sky. The aperture in this picture could have been a bit higher but I like the picture as it is. I might have tried to crop out the leaf that goes diagonal through the upper left corner as it distracts me from the background and the other leafes. The ISO of 80 seems good as the sky looks like it was a really bright day, the shutter speed is also good I think, as thin little leafes tend to move a bit so it is necessary to stop them.


This picture was taken by Kacie Stone too. I like this picture because of the interesting colors of the clouds in the sky, and also that the tree is only a black silhouette . I also like that the tree is only in the lower right corner and the clouds fill the rest of the picture. I think it is also interesting that the clouds are oink in the middle and they have dark shadows around.


This picture was taken by Anton Larsson. I like the picture because the blue sky in the background and the white snow with all the different lines that skiers made are really interesting and draw a lot of attention throughout the picture.  I also like the fact that this picture could have been taken in a lot of different locations in the mountains and it could always look similar. I also like that the sky is blue but ha a few cloud lines are lines from planes in the right upper corner. The settings of ISO 50 are good, although the aperture of 2.4 is really low compared to the shutter speed of 1/4300 which is not necessary as there are no moving subjects in there. But I don't know if it is possible to change these settings as the picture was taken with an IPhone.


This picture was taken by Shelby Jurewicz. I like the picture becaus the bee on the flower is not easy to capture and also because the flower is in the center and the background is blurry. I think that the settings (ISO320 , f4.5 and 1/1000 sec) are realy good, because you need to stop the bee's movement.The only thing that I don't like this much are the colors of the bee, because it seems like green and orange and looks kind of unnatural but I am sure that is a problem that could be fixed with editing.


This picture was taken by Anton Larsson in Yellowstone. I like the picture because it looks like a pefect landscape together with the refelction in the river or lake in front of it. There are a lot of interesting lines running through this picture that try to draw attention to most parts in the picture. Also I like the snowy mountains in the background compared to the fall like midground. If this picture was edited it was done really good because all the colors pop out but still look really natural. The settings of ISO 125, f11 and 1/125 seem appropriate to me for this picture.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Final Presentation

The picture I wanted to hand in for the art show was taken in Etosha N.P. in Namibia a couple of years ago with a simple Point and shoot camera using no tripod but a rock and self-timer instead.

f 5.6    8 sec    ISO 100   17mm
All the following 30 pictures were taken with my Canon EOS 1100D DSLR camera using either my 18-55 mm lens or my 75-300 mm lens, both of them not having image stabilization. One of the pictures was taken with an 400 mm lens with image stabilization.  I also used a circular polarizer filter and a neutral density filter (4 stops) in some pictures. If indicated I used a SLIK AMT ballhead tripod. No flash was used on any of the pictures. The pictures were all a bit edited and cropped in Adobe Lightroom.

Yellowstone Lake f 5.6 1/500 sec ISO 200  35mm Tripod

Bison in Yellowstone f 5.6 1/60 sec ISO 200 47mm

Grand Prismatic Spring f 13 1/50 sec ISO 100 28mm Tripod

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone f 13 1/100 sec ISO 200 18mm

Mystic Lake Beartooth Mountains f 14 1/200 sec ISO 200 18mm

Beartooth Mountains f 5 1/40 sec ISO 200 18mm

Mystic Lake Beartooth Mountains f 11 1/100 sec ISO 200 20mm

Phipps Park f 13 1/100 sec ISO 100 18 mm

Bug in Phipps Park f 5.6 1/800 sec ISO 100 55mm

Phipps Park f 10 1/320 sec ISO 100 18mm

Madison River f 13 1/160 sec ISO 100 18mm

Coyote in Yellowstone f 20 1/250 sec ISO 400 400mm

Bisons in Yellowstone f 10 1/250 sec ISO 100 75mm

Elk in Yellowstone f 14 1/125 sec ISO 100 210mm

Landscape Yellowstone f 13 1/125 sec ISO 100 55mm

tree branch in Yellowstone f 9 1/125 sec ISO 100 18mm

Mammoth Hot Springs at night f 3.5 25 sec ISO 400 18mm Tripod

Liberty Cap at night f 3.5 30 sec ISO 3200 20mm Tripod

Landscape Yellowstone f 16 1/125 sec ISO 100 18mm

Thermal Feature in Yellowstone f 20 1/125 sec ISO 100 18mm

River in Yellowstone N.P. f 16 1.3 sec ISO 100 18mm Tripod

Ice f 16 1.3 sec ISO 100 160mm Tripod

Ice f 16 1.6 sec ISO 100 120mm Tripod

Coyote in Yellowstone f 11 1/160 sec ISO 100 300mm

Mammoth Hot Springs f 11 1/80 sec ISO 100 33mm

Tree branches in snow f 9 1/125 sec ISO 100 25mm

Mammoth Hot Springs f 7.1 1/400 sec ISO 100 21mm

Bird at Mammoth Hot Springs f 7.1 1/125 sec ISO 100 230mm

Absaroka Mountain Range f 9 1/30 sec ISO 200 29mm Tripod

Absaroka Mountain Range f 9 1/20 sec ISO 200 34mm Tripod

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Image critique

1. The first picture is really interesting because the fog almost looks like water flowing over the edge but also looking unreal at the same time. The long exposure time made the fog flowing but I also think that some areas of the fog that are really bright might be a bit too overexposed.

2. The second picture is not really interesting I think. Although it looks good that the water seems kind of endless going on, I don't like the blurry foreground that was taken with a really slow shutter speed of more than one minute. Also the long kind of yellow looking rock in the lower left corner draws my attention almost more than the big one in the center of the picture.

3. The last picture is my favorite one because I think it is really hard to get the exact right moment when the squirrel is jumping. The photographer chose a shutter speed of 1/1600 which was perfect to stop the movement and an ISO of 1600 which might be because the squirrel does not seem to be in the perfect light conditions. I like that the background is blurry because then the attention is drawn to the subject.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


This is one of the pictures I took in Yellowstone this semester and I might want to use that picture for my final. I still have to edit this picture because it is the unedited version. I think I want to crop and try to get the colors looking more intensive.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


As our Yellowstone trip is coming closer I tried to find some pictures how it may look like at this time of the year. I found this amazing picture which I hope that it shows somehow what we are going to see next weekend. I think that the white color of the snow makes the hot springs look even more magic, the only thing I was wondering was that I can't see a lot of smoke in the picture but it still must have been cold there.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Camera Manual

As I still haven't found out how I can change some of my settings on my camera, for example how to get a very slow shutter speed I downloaded a manual of my camera on the Canon Website. I had to do this as the manual that came with the camera when I bought it is very short contains only basic information and is therefore not really helpful. So i hope to find some of the answers for These problems in that manual.

Also I took some photos on the weekend in a cave, but they turned out to be still blurry. I was wondering if there was still too less light even when we used a flash or if it was due to the dusk in that cave.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shoot the Stars

Last weekend I tried to shoot pictures of the stars during the night in Ten Sleep, WY. Unfortunately the results were not too good. The picture below is the best one I was able to get.

The conditions were perfect, no lights around and the sky was clear. The first problem I had was that I didn't havea tripod with me, but I just used a tree trunk and some stones to fix my camera. The second poblem was that I was not able to change the settings of my camera to get a really slow shutter Speed (30 seconds was the most I was able to get).
That showed me how important it is to think about everything before you are taking Pictures and to know how to change all settings on your camera.